• acqui terme

    The first time we came to Acqui Terme we were amazed. How come we hadn't been here before? That we have heard so few people talk about this? The town (it is too big for a 'village') is beautiful, authentic, charming, not overrun with tourists, and therefore actually one of the best kept secrets of the Piedmont.

    Acqui Terme Bollente uitgaan

    The Piazza Bollente with many pleasant terraces, bars and restaurants

    The history of Acqui Terme goes back thousands of years. It was one of the most important thermal resorts of the Roman Empire. Today, Acqui Terme is still known for its thermal springs. The most famous source is the Bollente, which is prominently located on the square of the same name in the middle of the old center. The spring water smells of sulfur and is very hot, about 75 degrees Celsius (Bollente means 'boiling'). It is beneficial for your skin and you see the Italians using it on their hands, arms and face. And they fill bottles with the water to take home. The striking building in which the source is located was built in 1870 according to a design by the architect Giovanni Ceruti. During the warm summer evenings it is beautifully lit in various colors. On the square you can sit, eat and drink at various restaurants and bars.

    Alleys and piazzas to stroll

    From the square you can walk into a number of alleys that are definitely worth a visit. There are bars and restaurants, local shops and people live here. You can't get lost there and it's wonderful to wander around! If you walk down Via alla Bollente, you will at a certain point reach the Piazza Duomo with the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta on the left. The cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Acqui Terme and dates from the late tenth and early eleventh centuries. Definitely worth taking a look inside. When you are in front of the cathedral, turn left into Via Domenico Barone. Here you will find the restaurant Il Moncalvo, in a 16th century palazzo. In the summer you can eat outside under the arched gallery and in the winter in one of the cozy rooms. If you take Via Capra and Via Belle, you will arrive at Ristorante Da Nonna Gina, one of our favorites.

    AT Duomo by night

    Piazza Duomo with the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta


    When we go to Acqui Terme, we always park on Piazza Don Piero Dolermo or - if it is full - on the Piazza Luigi Facelli behind it. You can park for free on both squares. It is very busy on market days, so make sure you are on time. Of course you can also pay for parking, in most cases with a debit card (EasyPark).

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    Voglino's counter in Acqui Terme

    Food and drink

    For a coffee or aperitivo, go to 'Voglino' on Piazza Italia. The terrace is nice, but we prefer a spot at the bar. Lovely to see how the locals drink a quick coffee, have a chat or eat a cornetto. On the pages 'wine' and 'Restaurants' you can read about our favorites in Acqui Terme (and surroundings). Regulars for us are Angelo Davino and Da Nonna Gina. Also special are the ristorante and enoteca La Curia at Via Alla Bollente 26, and Nuovo Parisio at Piazzetta Giuseppe Verdi 3.

    Home restaurant

    I Caffi, a famous restaurant in Acqui Terme and awarded a Michelin star annually since 2021, closed its doors in 2023. The talented chef, Sara Chiriotti, decided to change course and recently opened a homerestaurant in her house, with just a few tables. Here she cooks a set menu for a very reasonable amount. Her 'Casa di Sara' is located outside the center of Acqui Terme, at Strada della Maggiora 133, +39 3474582609. Sara speaks English. We haven't had the opportunity to visit yet, but you understand, we can't wait!

    Corso Bagni: pasta factory and cookies from Francesca

    Corso Bagni in Acqui Terme is a wider street with many shops and coffee bars on both sides. The flea market is also held here every fourth Sunday of the month. We come there for mainly two reasons: the pasta factory/caterer 'Pasta Fresca del Corso' and 'Pasticceria del Corso', owned by Francesca. This is where our brut e buoni cookies come from the goody bag that guests receive upon arrival at Poggio Maria. Brut e Buoni means 'ugly but tasty', they are regional cookies made of hazelnut, sugar and egg white foam. Delicious! Behind her shop, Francesca has her bakery, where she bakes and makes everything herself. You will find her at Corso Bagni 94. At 'Pasta Fresca del Corso, a little further across the street at number 53, they sell all kinds of tasty homemade specialties from the region. Behind the wonderfully stocked counter you can see the pasta factory with all kinds of machines for the many different types of pasta. Nice to see it in action!

    In case of emergency: the doctor

    If you need a doctor for yourself or for example your child(ren), go to the first aid (the pronto soccorso) in the hospital of Acqui Terme, Via Fatebenefratelli 1.

    Voglino spumante

    Voglino's rich range of vini spumanti