• All you need to know

    The house, the panoramic views and what you can do...

    The house

    Centuries old farmhouse turned into a comfortable family home

    It's just you, the house and nothing else on this beautiful hill... Poggio Maria Piedmont is a great family home near the small village of Melazzo, with 6 bedrooms with double beds (boxsprings), 3 bathrooms, 2 wood stoves, 1 fire place, spacious living room with TV (Canal digital, all channels available), dining room for long diners and kitchen with SMEG-equipment like fridge, stove and oven. Several terraces outside. Fit for 4 to 12 people. In 2023 we built a new pool 12 x 6 meters. poolhouse with BBQ, table and benches. Private cook service available for long Italian evening diners...


    The view

    360 degrees panoramic views from Swiss Alps to Acqui Terme

    Poggio Maria Piedmont is located in the municipality of Melazzo, a small village with a castle.. Due to Poggio Maria's location on top of a hill ('Poggio' means 'hill'), with clear weather you can see the French and Ligurian Alps. On both sides you'll find the valleys of the Erro and Bormida rivers. At night you will enjoy all the twinkling lights....


    To do's

    Old villages, hills, wines, slow food

    Make sure you have enough days to explore this beautiful region Piedmont.... Villages such as Acqui Terme (photo), Nizza Monferrato, Sassello and Monastero Bormida are absolutely worth visiting. Don't forget to visit the restaurants. Piedmont is famous for its 'slow food' and wines. Plenty of other things to do, get some inspiration from 'our favorites' guide. Too little time!


    The book

    Dream came true

    Poggio Maria Piedmont is described and pictured in the book 'Piedmont - the dream, the house, the life' from the Danish Jesper Remo. After his football career, Jesper helped people to find the perfect location to build their dream house in the Langhe region (Piedmont). This book describes his love for the region. Jesper and his wife bought Poggio Maria end 90's and restored it completely. We bought the house in December 2017 from its (successive) Danish owners. The grand mother of our Italian notary also happened to be one of the former residents. A house with a rich history.