• Off to the beach near Piedmont

    Piedmont is a wonderful region for a holiday for many reasons. Not least because you can also easily go to the Flower Riviera. Here you can enjoy the Italian beach life.

    Italiaans strandleven

    Celle Ligure


    Celle Ligure is a picturesque seaside town on the Riviera of Flowers and is an hour's drive from Poggio Maria. The village has narrow alleys, colored facades, old churches and many nice beach bars where you can rent sunbeds and parasols. There are also public beaches where you can go without renting anything.


    By car

    Parking in Italian towns can be a challenge. In Celle Ligure we always park the car for free on Via Lavadore, about 200 meters open to the old center. This parking lot has room for about 100 cars. If you come in August, reserve your sunbeds in advance.


    Bagni Olimpia Vittoria

    The beach is very busy then because the Italians have their holidays in August. We like to go to beach bar 'Bagni Olimpia Vittoria', because they have a nice terrace with good cuisine. Also a matter of taste, of course, because all the beach bars here are cozy and good.


    Focaccia paradise

    You don't have to depend on these beach bars for lunch. Celle Ligure is famous for its focaccia, and we always get it for lunch at the bakery. Focaccia is an Italian flat bread, originally from Liguria (the region of the Flower Riviera). It is topped just like a pizza, with cheese, olives, tomato, you name it. Fresh, warm focaccia is certainly a real delicacy. The best focacceria in Celle is the one where there is always a long line, Focacceria della Piazza at Via Ghiglino 18. Thank me later!

    Foccaceria in Celle Ligure

    Other beaches: Noli and Boccadasso


    If you want to visit several beaches: Noli is also very beautiful and surrounded by natural beauty. The Capo di Noli is a rocky strip that partly encloses the beach. A bit further drive than Celle Ligure: about 1.5 hours. What is nice to combine with a day in Genoa is the beach Boccadasso. The lovely fishing village is reminiscent of Cinque Terre, with the pastel-colored, nostalgic houses. In the afternoon it fills up with young people who drink an aperitivo in the sun and enjoy a romantic sunset together. A wonderful place to watch Italian life, from the fishermen returning and mending their nets, to the couples strolling along.