• Bubbio

    Bubbio is a small, lovely village with about 900 inhabitants. The village has existed since Roman times and is located in a panoramic position on the hills between Roccaverano, Bistagno, Canelli and Loazzolo. The village is known for wine production: Muscat, Brachetto, Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa, Chardonnay and Cortese are made there.

    Bubbio polenta festival

    Every first Sunday after Easter the popular polenta festival is held in Bubbio

    Organic wine

    If you would like to visit a local winery, take a look at the Torelli website. You can easily book a tasting there. We know Torelli because our favorite chef Paola serves this wine in her restaurant Tre Colline (more about that below). Torelli has also been making organic wine since 1987 and you don't see that much in Piedmont. Every year, 80,000 bottles are filled with Moscato, Dolcetto, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Barbera and Chardonnay. For more information, visit www.vinitorelli.it.

    Sagra del Polentone
    The most important event in Bubbio is the Polenta festival, Sagra del Polentone, always first Sunday after Easter. Local farmers make polenta for everyone attending the festival visits.

    polenta bakkers bubbio

    Local polenta chefs from Bubbio

    Best pizzeria

    We like to go to Bubbio, because the best pizza baker in the region has a successful business in the old center. The pizzeria is called Da Frankino, and it is definitely worth a drive. Frankino likes a thin, crispy pizza base, he has more than 70 on the menu. If you don't like pizza, don't worry because Frankino also has other dishes. Pizzeria Da Frankino, Via Roma 16, Bubbio, tel. +39 0141 48 55 32. When booking, please indicate whether you want to sit outside, these tables are always occupied the fastest (and the most fun, in our opinion!).

    Da Frankino pizzeria in Bubbio

    Pizzeria Da Frankino in Bubbio

    Chef Paola

    Another reason to drive to Bubbio is the restaurant of our chef Paola, from Tre Colline. Eating is always a treat here. Whether you sit outside in its cozy and partly covered garden, with a view of the wine hills, or inside under the classic vaulted ceiling. Her Sunday pranzos (lunch) are popular, and every month she has a special evening around a specific local theme. So keep a close eye on this lady via Facebook! Paola also comes to cook on request in Poggio Maria on weekdays. Always a success, according to our guests. Tre Colline, Reg. Pantalini, Bubbio, +39 333 340 3963.

    Paola gewelfd plafond

    Among the Italians at Paola

    New wine bar

    In the spring of 2024, a new wine bar, Salute, will open in Bubbio, also on Via Roma. No idea when exactly, but if you are on Via Roma, you will automatically walk past it. The wine bar naturally sells local and regional wines. We'll definitely try it!