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    Lunchrestaurantje met uitzicht op kasteel in Melazzo

    Melazzo is a municipality to which Poggio Maria officially belongs. The location of our house is closer to Castelletto d'Erro, but we still belong to the municipality of Melazzo. It is a small village that lies in the hills east of our house. Melazzo has 1200 inhabitants. There is a town hall, with a small coffee bar next to it where you can also have lunch: 'La Locanda degli Amici' by Bruno Belperio. Here you can easily eat something for little money. Definitely worth a try, if only because you are among the locals. You will find La Locanda degli Amici on the central square in Melazzo, Piazza XX Settembre 1.


    Also in the middle of Melazzo see the castle, Castello Gandolfi. Originally medieval and later rebuilt. Due to its strategic location, it has always had an important position in times of war. You can walk through the surrounding park, but unfortunately the castle itself is no longer accessible. It has been privately owned for a number of years.


    We actually always do our shopping in Bistagno or Acqui Terme, because there are more shops available there.

    Villa Scati

    You may have already seen it when you drove from our house via Melazzo to Acqui Terme: Villa Scati. It is an ancient palace that was owned by various noble families in recent centuries. The current owner, the Barbero family, purchased it from the Marquis Scati and began its restoration in 2000. It is now a well-run hotel, with a large swimming pool and great restaurant. It is a popular wedding venue and if you are there you could easily find yourself in an Italian wedding party. During the holidays, such as New Year's Eve (Capodano), Villa Scati really goes all out with evening-filling dinners and after-parties. Look here for more information.


    Village festival

    The Stoccafisso festival will take place in Melazzo on the last Sunday of April, April 28, 2024. Stoccafisso is a popular Piedmontese dish, it is dried fish and is reminiscent of our Dutch 'stockfish'. Part of the celebration is a spectacular stockfish throwing competition through the streets of the village. Typical traditional dishes are served, spaghetti with stockfish and stockfish in 'Melazzese style'.