• Nizza monferrato

    'Nizza Monferrato' seems like a mouthful, but the double name was deliberately chosen so as not to be confused with Nizza (or: Nice) on the French Mediterranean coast. Both places were part of the royal House of Savoy. The town has existed for about a thousand years and has an important function in the region. About 10,000 people live there.

    Nizza pleintje

    The charming Piazza Martiri Alessandria in Nizza Monferrato

    Nizza DOCG

    Since 2014, Nizza has been making its 'own Barbera DOCG'. DOCG is a quality mark that indicates that this wine meets the highest requirements. Nizza's Barbera has its own specific taste, because this grape is grown under slightly different climatic conditions and at different heights and types of hills than the other Barberas. Try to taste the difference yourself. This is possible, for example, at the Enoteca Regionale di Nizza at Via Crova 2.


    A little further on the Carlo Alberto, at number 80, there is a special butcher: Vittorio e Loredana. His business, which has been in existence since 1877, is full of awards and flags of honor. His meat is very tasty! It's fun to do some shopping here for a BBQ, for example.

    Food and drink

    One of our favorite restaurants has opened in Nizza Monferrato since the fall of 2023, La Preja. Chef Niccolo from the Veneto tried for a few years in Mombarcaro, but in Nizza he got the chance to open a business on Via Carlo Alberto. He couldn't let that go. We are fans of his cooking skills because they are original, Veneto and Piedmont make a beautiful marriage on the plate! Recommended for lunch or dinner. La Preja, Via Carlo Alberto 41, tel.+39 379 1919114.

    La Preja Nizza Monferrato

    One of the many masterpieces of Preja Monferrato


    In my opinion, the antique market in Nizza is one of the best in the region. Here they not only sell small stuff but also beautiful chairs and furniture. You can decorate your entire house with it! The antique market is every third Sunday of the month. There is also a regular fruit and vegetable market every Friday and an organic market every second Saturday of the month. Location Via Carlo Alberto and Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi.


    Every year in May Nizza hosts the 'Barbera in festa', the Barbera wine festival. This usually takes place in the Foro Boari on Piazza Garibaldi, where 50 wine producers from the region come together and show and taste around 250 types of wine. Find more information here.

    Nizza is also known for its annual wine barrel race, the 'Corsa di botti'. In the month of June, local winemakers from Nizza and the surrounding villages compete with each other by rolling their own wine barrels across the finish line as quickly as possible. This traditional festival goes back to the 19th century, when the youngest servants of the winegrowers rolled the wine barrels through the streets. There are qualifying rounds on Friday and the final on Sunday afternoon. In the same weekend, the Monferrato takes place in Tavola, and you can eat and taste local delicacies in and around Piazza Garibaldi. Payment is only possible with the 'Carlino', a coin specially made for this event. The Carlino is named after the city's patron saint, with its value and the city coat of arms engraved on it. Fortunately, it is easy to exchange your euros for this currency.

    Palio di Asti

    You may have heard of the Palio of Siena. A horse race also takes place in Asti every year: on the third Sunday in September. Nizza Monferrato is one of the municipalities that participate in the Palio di Asti, a traditional horse race. Very spectacular!